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Fasten - fix - fuse - pin - bring together

Our Approach

Whether you are looking for full scale production design, art direction on set, a space to shoot, creative direction for content or your a designer looking for set builders we work together with clients to make the weird and wonderful real.

Our Company

We run a Film, Photography Studio and Animation Facility and create content for some of the worlds leading brands. We build sets for some of London's most cutting edge production companies and creatives. We fasten together!

Drop us an email at, complete the form, below or call 020 935 7856 for more information or to discuss a potential photographic shoot.

Set Builds

We can offer set building service as well as workshop builds and model making for stop motion - animation.

Shoot Studio

We have space to shoot - be it stills, video or stopframe animation. Space to make in our workshop or within our maker spaces.

Moving Image

Combining animation, live action video, a pinch of stop motion and a half pound of set building we love to mix it up.

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+ 44 (0) 203 935 7856

Ground Floor
3 - 7 Mowlem Street, London, E2 9HE.

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